Friday, February 29, 2008


Welcome to NOIS, I am Dsthunder and I am a hacker

I have recently found that i have a lot of time on my hands. so what do i do with that time, crack wireless networks for fun, my goal is to turn my moderately networked town into a wireless grid (kinda like googles wifi). Since wep , wpa and wpa2 are so easy to hack i see it as just something to occupy my time.

I will frequently crack networks and post all their info here. keys and all.

if you see your network is on my list, simply pay a small fee to me and i will not only remove your key, but i will go to your location and secure your network.

1. I have no sense of moral (hacker) and i have no pity for IT ignorance, if I want to crack your network, I WILL. There are no current laws against it.
2. once you pay the fee, your network doesn't get listed again, it does however become a part of my grid.
3. if you opt out of my grid I list your network again.

for further info, email me

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