Monday, April 7, 2008

Sense of Insecurity

It seems to me that many people do not have the knowledge or care to secure thier networks, I am not saying that this is bad, (greatest thing for nomads) but for them, in lake butler alone i ran around town with mini stumbler and only found about 5 secured networks, of those I only found 1 with wpa. so many people haven't got a fucking clue what security is. They wouldn't know a hacker if it came and fucked them up the wifi ass. I am still looking for a job in IT or just a computer helpdesk job. If you live in the Nfla area lemme know if you wanna get hacked and secured. Only $40 for a full security setup.

Of about 20 networks in my town 15 are linksys routers 2 are 2wire and 3 are belkins

If anyone knows how I can tie all these networks together let me know. I want to combine everyones bandwidth... that would kick ass.

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