Sunday, March 2, 2008


I met the guy from the sunrise network today, i was in the laundromat right behind the gas station and was set up looking for a power plug when a strange guy walks in with a huge bag of quarters that had to weigh about 20lbs, he walks over to the quarter machine and begins to fill it, he points me to the power outlet next to the quarter machine, and i am thinking, does he know i am on his network? not even 5 seconds later, like he has esp he asked me if i get internet here. Proudly i proclaim YES I DO! I get sunrise wifi! he stands there with a look on his face like i just shot him. and says but it is secured and You can get in? how?

i told him all about how i get on his network i gave him a cd so he could do the same things to when he is on the road and he told me i could use his network anytime. he was very nice, he owns the laundromat and the gas station.... i offered to change his network key for him but he declined. Jay from sunrise is still on the list.

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